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Lecturer Information

Dr. Salim Ibrir,
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,
Electrical Engineering Department,
KFUM Box: 5038, Dhahran 31261, KSA.

Office: B-59 Room 1076 - G floor
Office hours:
Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday: from 10 am to 10:50 am or by appointment

Email: sibrir@kfupm.edu.sa/ salimibrir@yahoo.ca/salimibrir@ieee.org.


See the Syllabus of the coure - Available in pdf format (download)

Course slides

The course slides are available in pdf format. Click below on the appropriate link (Click Here).

Homework and assessment problems

The Homework of the current semester is available in pdf format (Click Here).

The assessment problems are classified by subject. They are available in pdf format click here.

Below you find answers to many questions that may raise by the students. Other important rules and regulations are highlighted. All the students should read carefully the following instructions. Please note that the Lecturer will not respond to any question that is already responded below. The students are encouraged to use the web form, given in the bottom of this web page, to communicate easily with the Lecturer. However, your queries should be clear and concise. Full information about the student should be given in any correspondence.

  1. The office hours, office location, and my personal contact information are given above. The students can also set appointments in case of emergency.
  2. The students must pay attention to the presentations of their projects and course work if any. Unclear hand writing will not be corrected. During any exam, duplicated answers for the same question will not be corrected.
  3. The students are encouraged to participate in class and provide meaningful suggestions to improve the course.
  4. All the assignments/projects should be given to the Instructor as hard copies. Soft copies are not accepted whatever the reasons are.
  5. During the examination time, every student must seat in a separate individual table. Cell-phones should be put off during the exams. Students please note that academic dishonesty (or cheating) includes but is not limited to plagiarism, collusion, falsification, replication, taking unauthorized notes or devices into an examination, obtaining an unauthorized copy of the examination paper, communicating or trying to communicate with another candidate during the examination, and being a party to impersonation in relation to an examination.
  6. Students that are absent in the final exam are required to give the department/Instructor a justification. Otherwise, an automatic failure is recorded.
  7. The instructor is not responsible to inform the students about the date of the final exam.
  8. Refer to the Instructor guide books/files for course delivery guidelines.
  9. Absences will be noted during the trimester. However, the students must always refer to the web page of the course to download any suggested reading document.
  10. The Instructor is not obliged to redo lectures or tutorials for those who shall be absent in one or more lectures.
  11. The students must assure that they have provided their personal emails to the Instructor. Otherwise, the students run the risk to lose communication between the Instructor and the students enrolled in the course.


Refer to the guidelines of the Lab Instractor



The project will be distributed in class or it will be sent by email. In some semesters, the project is not mandatory.


DC motor trainers

Matlab, Simulink and Labview software

2D Helicopter

3D Helicopter

Penduleum cart mechanical system

Mechatronic devices



Please write your interests to the instructor: sibrir@kfupm.edu.sa.

More information about the profile and the research activities of the Instructor are given in the main web site of Dr. Salim Ibrir.


First, contact me by email to see your preferences. Final projects are subject to the department approval.
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Dr. Salim Ibrir.